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Passion of the Streets preview...

“Before meeting my Gee, I was nothing. I was an empty shell of pain and disaster that was dying a slow death. All I’ve ever wanted in my entire life was to have someone that loves me. A person that showed it more than they said it. I was an empty person just going through the motions of life until the day God blessed me with my angel. She was my saving grace then, and she’s my saving grace now. She saved me from myself and she didn’t even know it. With everything in me, I’ll love Gianna forever.”  -Milli

The sun was shining as people of all races and colors went in and out of stores with bags loaded on their arms, or pushing their babies in their strollers. The sidewalks were crowded with chatter and moving feet. The sweltering heat and crowded walkways didn’t make for such a good getaway, but as long as Gia continued to sway her sexy ass hips in front of him, then Jamil would be all right.

Polo, Gap, Armani, Converse, and J. Crew were only a few of the stores that Jamil and Gia had gone in so far.  Gia felt the need to gasp and announce the name every time they entered one. He and Gia had split up from Iverson and Oni the moment they’d gotten out of the truck, so it was just the two of them.

Neither of them had purchased anything yet even though they’d both seen a lot that they’d liked. Had Gia not been so quiet about her every thought, he would have been buying her shit left and right already. The only problem was that he didn’t know what to do or where to start. She perused through the racks picking up things and putting them down in every store.

He had been following behind her obediently, and she hadn’t kept not one thing she’d liked. It was starting to slightly annoy him. Here they were at a nice ass mall with every store that she could think of, and she wasn’t shopping. What girl didn’t like to shop, especially when it was on another person’s dime?

Jamil picked up the red shirt Gia had admired moments ago, only to put back down, and handed it back to her. “Here, get this.”

Gia gave him a quizzical look. “I don’t want it.”

“Yes you do. Just like you wanted the black dress, the pink skirt, and the blue purse. Get the shit, Gia.”

She stood there stunned, clearly unaware of what to say next. “You’ve been watching me?”

“Like a fucking hawk. Now will you please get something?”

Gia looked away. “I don’t want to shop by myself. It’s no fun.”

“What you mean by yourself? I’m right here with you.”

Gia fidgeted with the tag on the shirt. “But you’re not picking up anything.”

So that was her problem? All of this time she’d had him confused about what it was that she liked. Jamil held his head down and laughed quietly.

“That’s because we haven’t gone in any stores that I like yet.”

“Well come on then.” Gia grabbed his hand and pulled him from the store they were in. “Where you want to go?”

“Anywhere you take me. What kind of man do you think I am?”

Gia looked him up and down before walking toward the Nike outlet. He was smiling when she pulled him in behind her and over to the men’s side. She stood in the middle of the section and gave him attention.

“Shop,” she ordered.

“I’ll go with you then we’ll come back to me.”

Gia didn’t look like she believed him, but she turned and headed for the women’s section anyway. He watched her ass every time it moved in her dress. He wanted to reach out and touch it so bad, but he didn’t know what she would say. In the back of his mind he didn’t really care, but he still had to control himself.

The way her eyes lit up at all of the different workout gear made him smile. He leaned on the rack as she picked up one thing after another. When he noticed her hands were getting full, he grabbed everything from it and encouraged her to continue. Sports bras, legging, running shorts, dri-fit shirts, and even a few running jackets weighed down his arms.

He didn’t know how much more he could carry when she began grabbing full jogging suits. Just when he thought he was going to buckle from holding everything, she told him she needed to try on the pair of shorts in her hand.

“Sir, do you need a bag?” the perky white girl with the short blonde ponytail bounced over to him and asked.

“Hell yeah. Appreciate that.”

She laughed at his response before helping him stuff everything into the complimentary shopping bag and walking away. Now able to see the full store freely again, he followed Gia to the dressing room. She went inside one of the stalls while Jamil took his place near the door where he waited for her to finish. Before he knew it she was sticking her head out of her dressing room door.

“Come in so you can tell me how it fits.”

“Say what now?” Jamil needed to make sure he’d heard her right.

“Come on.” She held the door to her dressing open so that he could walk in.

Jamil walked in and took a seat on the black stool in the corner. Gia locked the door and wasted no time pulling her dress up around her waist.

“Oh got damn.” Jamil cleared his throat as she exposed her butt to him.

The black thong Gia was wearing could barely be seen. Nah scratch that, it couldn’t be seen. All he saw was the strings around her waist. He was damn near having an asthma attack in the corner from seeing all that ass. She was sliding the pants on like it was no big deal. She hadn’t even given him a second thought.

To further take his breath away, the shorts were too small and pushed all of her ass out of the top as they stopped under the bottom of her cheeks. Gia moved and switched around the room, and even jumped once trying to stuff her ass into the tiny shorts.

“Oh got damn,” he mumbled to himself again.

Yeah she was trying to kill him.

            “I’m glad I decided to try these on. They’re a medium, but they looked bigger on the hanger.

            “You knew you had too much ass for those shorts when you brought them in here.” Jamil picked them up from the floor and looked at them when she took them off.

            Gia turned to the side in the mirror and looked at her butt. “It ain’t that big.”

            “Shid,” Jamil begged to differ.

            She smirked at him through the mirror before turning around. She stood against the mirror with her dress ruffled around her waist shaking her head. Jamil didn’t even bother to hide the fact that he was looking at her with eyes of lust. Hell, she didn’t care about giving him a show full of ass, so fuck it. He was going to look. He was going to touch too.

            Jamil left the bag where it was and stood up. He walked to her and pulled her from the mirror. His hands trailed from her back down to her round butt cheeks and cupped them. He groped and squeezed as she stood with her face in his chest breathing a lot harder than she had been before.

            He was already on the verge of busting a nut just by watching her. Actually being allowed to touch her had his dick about to bust and get her pregnant right there on the spot. With his head down near her ear, his locs fell forward and were now resting on her shoulders, mixing and mingling with hers.

            “Milli . . .no,” she told him breathlessly.

            Jamil may have released her and took a few steps back, but his eyes stayed where they were. His eyes were hungry and full of desire for her. How in the world has this girl gained control over his body and mind this fast? It was crazy because she didn’t even know it, but she could have him any way that she wanted to right then.

            Friend, boyfriend, fuck buddy, whatever she desired he wanted to be the one to provide it. Her chest was rising and falling roughly as she stood with her dress still up. Gia held a hunger in her eyes just as intense as his. She may have said no, but her body was screaming yes and he was about to show her who was in charge.

            Jamil grabbed her quickly, turning her around so that Gia’s back was to his chest. He moved to the side as his palm rested against her abs. When they were both looking in the mirror, he ran his free hand up her neck and leaned her head to the side. Using his tongue, he made circles around her neck. Licking and sucking hard.

            Her sexy chocolate skin tasted just like he’d thought it would. He sucked harder, making her hand grab the one that was resting on her stomach. The soft moan that escaped her lips killed every ounce of control he had left. Jamil moved the hand that hers had been resting on and slid it down the front of her body until it was dipping into her panties.

            “Open your legs,” he whispered into her ear.

            Gia obliged and nearly drowned his fingers in the syrupy juices she’d created for him. Jamil closed his eyes as he moved his fingers around in the hot, wet essence that belonged to the new love of his young life. His middle finger slid over her clit until it slid further down and dipped inside of her.

            “Damn, Gee.” He moaned quietly.

            Jamil was so lost in just fingering her pussy that he hadn’t even realized that his eyes were closed until he opened them. He looked at the mirror and admired the way she looked sprawled against his chest. His light skin meshed perfectly with her dark one. Gia’s long dark locs intertwined with his light ones as they stood in each other’s space. They were totally opposite, but for some reason he felt like she was made for him.

            Every difference they had was a plus in his eyes. Her full breasts moved as she arched her back. Jamil took this opportunity to work his fingers a little deeper. Her toned bow legs spread open a little more, showing off the defined muscles she’d obtained from years of running. Her flat stomach and rock hard abs were getting sharper with every dip of his finger.

            “Open your eyes, bae,” Jamil whispered into her ear, his lips softly grazing it.

            Gia’s eyes opened slowly and locked with his. Instinctively, she shrank back some, closing her legs a little more.

            “We look like fucking magic together.”

She stared at him through hooded eyes.

            “Fuck with me.” He kissed her neck hard before sliding his tongue on the spot he’d kissed. “With your sexy ass.”

            The bashfulness returned in Gia’s eyes, replacing the desire. She only looked at him for a little while longer before pulling away from him and pulling her dress down.

He could tell she was embarrassed about what she’d just allowed him to do by the way she was avoiding eye contact. Jamil thought it was cute, so he didn’t bother to point it out to her.

            Gia was standing in the mirror making sure her dress was straight when she finally had the courage to look at him. It just so happened that he was sucking her juices from his fingers when she did. The way her chest visibly sank in and she bit her bottom lip had him wanting to bend her over and give her his dick right then and there.

            Her eyes were still on him as he picked up her bag and walked over to her. He leaned down so that his lips were near her ear again.

            “I’ma get me some more of that.” He kissed her ear before pulling the door open and leaving the dressing room.

            Jamil stood outside near the door waiting for Gia to emerge. When she came out she still looked a little flushed, but she was back to her beautiful vibrant self.

            “You ready to go to your side?”

Jamil nodded and followed her. He made sure to stay behind her because the view was better than anything else he could possibly be looking at right then.

She leaned on one of the racks while he looked through the clothes. There was so much he wanted to buy, so instead of trying it on like she had just done, he just grabbed his sizes in the items he liked so that they could move on to the next store.

Jamil tried to suppress his smile as he observed the way Gia’s head was tilted to the side as she watched him in awe. Not only was her head tilted, but he swore he could see stars in her eyes as they followed him around the store.  It was cute how she thought she was in love already when all he’d done was play in the pussy. He couldn’t wait to see what she was going to be like once he actually put the dick in her life.

“Gee, stop looking like you just got fucked, baby.”

“What?” She was laughing immediately, which let him know he had been right.

Her ass was in a daze all over some little finger action. She was most definitely going to be fucked up in the head off the dick. Versus answering her, Jamil finished grabbing the things he wanted and headed for the counter. The line was long, but they stood in it anyway.

To make time pass Jamil turned to her with interest in his eyes and marveled at the beauty in her face. “Tell me about yourself, Gee.”

“What you want to know?”


“Well, I’m an only child. My father is in the Army, and my parents and Oni are my best friends. Running and softball is life. I’m a straight A student, I love to read, and I like to dance.”


Her eyes darted away quickly, but he hadn’t missed it.

            “Something like that. We have this whole on-again off-again relationship.”

            Jamil could tell she felt some type of way about telling him about her man, but little did she know, he really didn’t care. She was going to be his. Fuck any other nigga. Worrying about other niggas had never been his style. He’d fucked plenty of niggas’ bitches. Gia wouldn’t be the first.

            “That’s what’s up.” He nodded and looked toward the register.

            “What about you? Tell me about yourself.”

            That was a question that Jamil gave no real thought to. There wasn’t much to him. He wasn’t shit basically. He was the product of two crackheads, had no education, and had sold so much dope that he was practically a millionaire. But all that shit meant nothing.

            “I’m Milli Rock. I’m a hood nigga from downtown. That’s it.” He shrugged.

            Gia gave him a look like he couldn’t be serious. “Come on, Milli. It’s more to you than that.”

            “No it ain’t,” he told her seriously.

            “It has to be. Don’t be like that. I told you about me.”

            Jamil stared at her long and hard so that she could see how serious he was. “Let me put it like this, you ever met somebody that just wasn’t shit? Like really wasn’t shit? Well, that’s me.”

            Jamil hated to put it to her like that, but Gia was different. He could already tell that she wasn’t going to let it go until he gave her some commendable run down like she’d just given him, so he needed to set her straight before she kept going.

            Gia was looking at him for a long time before turning her back to him and stepping forward in the line. She kept her back to him the rest of the time that they were in the line. When it was their turn at the register, she tried to grab her bag from him, but he pulled it away. She cut her eyes at him but knew to take her ass on to the register.

            The two of them stood in front of the register a few feet away from each other, watching the girl ring everything up. She rang Jamil’s items first.

            “This stuff is separate,” Gia told the girl when she prepared to ring up the things she’d picked up.

            “No it ain’t,” Jamil said to the cashier. “Go ahead.”

            Gia looked at him again, but as soon as she did, he shot her a look to let her know not to fight him. She sucked her teeth and turned away.

            “Okay, your total today is two thousand, two hundred, ninety-seven dollars, and fifty-six cents.”

            “Fuck me,” Gia said out loud, making the cashier laugh.

            “I will later, right now I need to pay for all of this stuff you came in here picking up.” Jamil pulled a wad of neatly stacked cash from his pocket and counted off the money and handed it to the cashier.

            Gia’s eyes were on him watching his every move. Jamil chuckled a little as he grabbed the bags from off the counter. When he turned, getting ready to leave, Gia was still standing there with her arms folded looking at him.

            “Gee, bring your ass on.” He walked past her and out of the store.

            “How are you going to tell me you’re not shit, but you pulled all that money out like that? You’re something.” Gia looked to him for an explanation.

            “Money doesn’t make the man, Gee. Remember that.”

            “I know that, but I’m saying there has to be more to you than you letting on to have that kind of cake.” She walked so that she was in front of him. She stopped so that he couldn’t move. “Tell me,”

            “Tell you what?” Jamil was getting really frustrated with her. Why couldn’t she just let it go?

            “Tell me who you are. I told you about me.”

            “There ain’t shit to tell. Believe me.”

            Jamil watched her stand in front of him, clearly frustrated. She ran her hand through her pretty hair and sucked her teeth before walking away from him. He stood there in the middle of the sidewalk with an arm full of bags watching her walk away. For a second he wanted to run after her and see why she felt like showing her ass, but he chose not to.

            Instead, he walked until he found the nearest bench and took a seat. This right here was why he’d avoided relationships and stayed single for as long as he had. Women could be so fucking dramatic. Quite frankly, he ain’t have the time for that shit. It was nice day outside, she was getting free shit and she still wanted to act an ass. He didn’t understand.

            Before long, two hours had passed and she still hadn’t come back. Oni and Iverson had even linked back up with him and her ass was nowhere in sight. They had walked back and forth through the outlet and still hadn’t located her. As much as he didn’t want to, Jamil was starting to worry about her.

            “Aye, y’all take this shit and put it in the truck for me while I go find this damn girl.” Jamil handed Iverson and Oni he and Gia’s bags.

            They walked toward Iverson’s truck and he went the opposite direction in search of crybaby ass Gia. He looked up and down the sidewalk, and in every girl store he saw, and still hadn’t seen her. Frustrated and tired of calling her phone, Jamil walked out of the Coach store and headed back toward the parking lot.

            He was moving through some cars about to come out near the crosswalk when he spotted Gia near the bus stop, sitting on a bench and talking on her phone. He was relieved that nothing was wrong with her, but it angered him that she’d obviously had her phone in her hand all that time and hadn’t bothered to answer for him.

            Jamil marched toward her. The closer he got he could tell she was on Facetime. When he was only a few feet away from her, he could hear a man’s voice. For some crazy reason, instead of it making him angry, he felt hurt, or something in that area of emotions. Whatever the feeling was, it was foreign to him.

            “Aye, Gia, we’re about to dip. Your cousin them in the car.” With that Jamil turned around and headed for the car.

            He could hear her behind him telling whoever she was talking to that she loved them and would talk to them later. Being that it was already getting dark outside, he tried his best to walk slowly without making it obvious. He didn’t want to walk with her, but he didn’t want to leave her. Niggas in Atlanta were crazy. They would rob your ass just because the sky was blue.

            Oni and Iverson were waiting in the car with it running when Jamil, followed by Gia, finally made it back. Jamil got in on one side while Gia hopped in on the other.

            “Damn girl. We been looking all over the place for you,” Iverson told Gia as she looked out of the window.

            “Well here I am.” Sarcasm flooded her every word.

            “A’ight bet.” Iverson laughed. “Y’all want to grab something to eat? I’m starving like hell.”

            “I do. Where we going?” Oni asked him.

            When none of them could decide where to eat, Iverson chose to take them to Sun Dial Restaurant. It was a nice little spot they could eat, drink, and chill. Traffic was hell as they sat in the car for another hour trying to reach their destination. Every one of them were more than ready to get out when Iverson finally stopped the car.

            They all got out of the car and headed toward the restaurant.

Jamil walked slowly behind Oni and Gia. The atmosphere was nice and causal once they got inside. Much better than they’d all expected. Too bad Gia was still acting like a baby. Oni and Iverson were having fun talking and taking shots with the liquor they’d snuck in inside of Oni’s purse while Jamil and Gia sat around like they were total strangers. Fed up with the bullshit, Jamil asked for their bottle of alcohol and began to drink as well.

            A couple hours passed before Iverson and Oni were completely wasted, not too far from Jamil. Gia’s face showed her disapproval at all of their actions, but especially Oni’s.

            “I can’t drive. Y’all want to get a room?” Iverson asked.

            Being that the restaurant was on top of a hotel, it wasn’t such a farfetched idea. Jamil just didn’t feel like being bothered with Gia.

            “Hell nah, let’s go.” Jamil shook his head from side to side as he pulled Iverson’s keys from his hand.

            “Bruh, we can’t drive like this,” Iverson spoke for him and Oni, who was barely holding her head up.

            “I can drive.”

            Iverson pulled his keys from Jamil’s grasp. “Nigga your ass is drunk too.” He looked at Gia and handed her the keys with a big smile on his face. “Looks like it’s on you.”

            Oni snickered loudly and covered her face. “Gia can’t drive.” She laughed again like it was the funniest thing in the world. She continued on making jokes that weren’t the least bit funny to Jamil or Gia as they all stood to leave. Jamil and Iverson tossed money onto the table before helping the girls toward the door.

            Jamil could tell that Gia was getting a little uncomfortable as Oni continued to laugh and tell Iverson that Gia was afraid to learn. It angered Jamil that they were talking about her like she wasn’t standing there, so he grabbed her hand and pulled her behind him.

            “We’ll get a room and that nigga can drive his own shit in the morning,” Jamil said to Gia. “You ain’t got to feel bad. Everybody can’t do everything.” There was so much feeling in his words.

             Gia momentarily wondered why he’d gotten so angry on her behalf, but ignored it. She was just happy that he had. Jamil stopped at the front desk and checked the availability. There were rooms available. The lady offered him the keys and a piece of paper that he needed to read over and sign.

            “Here, read these while I pay.” Jamil slid the papers to Gia and continued to move the process along with the desk clerk.

When he’d paid for two rooms, he went back to get Oni and Iverson. They followed behind him and Gia in their drunken slumber. He watched Gia help them into the elevator like they hadn’t been clownin’ her a few minutes prior.

            She was a good one, because he wasn’t thinking about their ass. When they got to their floor, Iverson and Oni stumbled behind them until they reached their room. Jamil used the key and opened the door.

            “Y’all go ahead, Gee.”

            Gia spun around and looked at him. “I want to go with you.”

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