I'm Patrice Watts, and I happen to write under the name A’zayler. I am the newly found voice of urban romance at Random House Publishing, as well as the founder and CEO of A’zaylerINK -a domain built upon the core foundations of FAITH, HARDWORK, and the visionary aspects of PERSISTANCE and GOALS. A native of Columbus Georgia, I've always been a fan of reading, but found my passion for writing during my sophomore year in college. Being that I used storytelling as an outlet, I spent a lot of time writing privately. That all changed with the release of my first novel. Now, I allow the world to experience my stories as they're written. 
In the year of 2014, I published my first novel, which debuted my immeasurable talent. Thirty plus books later, and with greater plans ahead, I've quickly become an urban romance phenomenon. Greatly inspired by the various writers that have come before me, I have plans to surpass an array of personal expectations while paving the way and leaving my mark in the literary world. Want a chance to feel my love? Grab a copy of my latest love story PASSION OF THE STREETS!! Available every where books are sold on April 24th!!


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