Sonic Red is the young victor that has spent his entire life rebelling, battling the trenches and obstacles that have been thrown his way, whether they’re from the streets, his job or the many women that he enjoys entertaining. 
Sweet talk and flirtatious gestures, paired with the hardness of his body and the heaviness of his pockets, has been a gift from the beginning. Swooning any and every female counterpart that crosses his path, known around town as one of the calmest yet most sought after men, Sonic uses this to his advantage. 
Having been referred to as withdrawn and emotionally detached, Sonic Red is anything but. With no family and very little friends, there’s only one thing in the world that occupies the softest part of his heart, Jet Limits. 
When fire and ruthlessness finds its way out of the ghetto, you get Jet. Jet Limits, is an around the way girl that’s spent her entire life in the hood. With a love for nothing but art and her tattoo gun, she leads a pretty secluded life. Having never met a man that’s interesting enough to take her mind off of her money, Jet Limits is caught off guard by the handsome young champion that’s becoming her main focus. 
Not necessarily afraid to love, just not really interested, Jet Limits is a little opposed to giving Sonic a chance. Avoiding him was her method of solitude. Little did she know, she was dealing with a conqueror. A man that wasn’t accustomed to losing, one who’s job was centered on facing challenges and beating them. The only man that would remain standing, even after her final blow. 
What will happen when the infamous Sonic Red’s toughest opponent and most strenuous fight yet becomes the little street girl with the stone heart? Find out in this intense, passionate, drama filled fight for love. 

Young, handsome, and wealthy, Dakota Love is the man in his city. Having barely escaped his traumatizing past, he’s on the track to success. He has everything that a man in his position could ask for except someone to share it with. Back when he was in the streets and not taking any of the women he encountered seriously, they flocked to him relentlessly. Now that he’s finally ready to commit, he can’t find anybody worth his time. Fed up with being disappointed, Dakota ends his search. Just when he’s no longer looking, love finds him. 
Prominent careers, bright futures, and people to enjoy it with, life is good for Rain, Summer, and Alex. Rain and Summer are two successful sisters that spend majority of their free time partying and living life with their best friend Alex. The three of them are inseparable until Rain meets a sexy young firefighter. Swept off her feet in love, Rain’s life takes on a totally new set of turns. With Summer and Alex involved in their personal love affairs as well, things gets even better for the trio. 
Although things are looking up and going exceptional for them, they all must take the time out to realize that the sunshine also comes with rain. Find out what happens when secrets are exposed, lovers are caught cheating, and everybody’s not who they claim to be. 


“Promise to stay down until the come up…”
Late Nights and early mornings has always been the one thing Congo could depend on. He’s been living his life on the grind for as long as he could remember. Dominating the streets, and every other small time hustler in quest of his position at the top. Showing no mercy to the men and disregarding the women Congo was on a power trip until the murder of his oldest brother. Everything he’d worked for came to a screeching halt and he’s left with nothing. Now he’s forced to live a regular life working a regular job. The dope game having always been his first love, he now has nothing left that’s appeasing to his heart. 
A unique beauty dumbed down to nothing more than an extra source of income, Honey, is desperate and lost. She desires a way out of her current situation but with the only family she has locked away forever, she’s all alone. Getting to the money day in and day out, Honey shuts herself away from any and everything not aiding in her success. Having been used and taken for granted in her past relationship, she’s a little more resistant to the advances of the handsome young thug that’s captivated her truest feelings. She’s determined to ignore him and his efforts until there’s no more reasons to run. Here in the moment with this totally perfect stranger Honey decides to give it a chance.
Both needing security and someone in their corner they embark on this new journey together. Struggling but determined to make it, Congo and Honey stick side by side, loving one another past their current situation. Believing in the visions he has for them and the passion filled relationship they’ve started, Honey promises to stay down until he makes it. Congo’s life was going nowhere fast until his heart took to Honey, so now that he has her he’s going above and beyond to show her that as much as she believes that it isn’t, her love is indeed meant for a thug. 

Phoenix had been taught from birth that showing love would get her killed. Brought up around the city’s most notorious murder squad, Phoenix becomes just as ruthless as them. She thought she had it all figured out, putting in just as much work as them until she let the softer part of her fall in love. Oliver nicknamed Ollie by his crew was a young street soldier from around the way. Skilled and very eager to put in work. He had a job to do and he planned on doing it. The only thing in his way was the beauty that had been deemed off limits to him and everyone else around them. Being the only female of the crew, Phoenix, was protected from any and everything, including the other members of the squad. Even with constant obstacles thrown their way they take the chance on being together, and in a weird way it works. With so much in common their love moves faster than they expected until it hits head on with secrets from the past and present. Phoenix is lost in an unknown world when her crew is taken to jail and she finds out that the love of her life has been lying to her all along. With nothing and no one, she sets out on her own. Prepared for the worst but hoping for the best, Phoenix lucks up when she meets Jamison. Handsome and patient, Jamison proves to be just what she needs. Though he’s become the rock in her storm, his motives are also questioned when he reveals the one thing to her that no one knows about. Deceitful Hearts is a story of a girl that loves purely but is blindsided time and time again by all of the deceiving objectives surrounding her. Find out just how strong one person can be when every heart around them has a motive.

When Taryn-Lee Alvarez, is propelled out of her current foster home, what is she to do? She’s underage and homeless. Submerged in her deplorable circumstances she’s determined to make a way for herself. She suffers one hardship after another as she tries to find her way in the world. A couple of days shy of her eighteenth birthday she stumbles upon Demoto Youngblood. Demoto is a young African businessman. Diligent and dedicated to his craft, he makes a life for himself in the small town of Columbus GA. The two are both in their last year of school, and are preparing for graduation. Taryn-Lee is a seventeen year old orphan, whose fallen madly in love with a benevolent and tenacious man. She’s the only daughter of deceased parents Erin, and Terrence-Lee Alvarez. After her parents were killed in a car accident she was thrust head first into the system. 
Demoto was busy leading a normal life with his girlfriend Alicia, until he saw Taryn. Upon meeting her, they formed an unwavering bond. Although the two are unfamiliar with one another, their worlds aren’t very different. Demoto appears to lead a stable life, but everything isn’t always what it seems. Taryn on the other hand, wears her problems out in the open. Unable to hide the feelings they have for one another, they become immersed in a love so robust they can hardly function. Taryn seeking to modify the life she’s been given, has stooped to an all time low to get money. Stopping at nothing to provide for Taryn-Lee, Demoto accepts a job that may tear them apart. In the back of his mind, he knows the things he’s doing may build a rift between the two, but he’s willing to take that loss. Being raised as a provider and protector, his natural instincts surfaces at all the right times. 
With the help of Demoto and her best friend Kia, Taryn exhausts all of her options to maintain her individuality while surrendering herself to this unyielding love. Albeit everything isn’t always perfect, you have to be a man of your word. Demoto and Taryn spend their young lives, proving to one another love is more than just a word. It’s an action. Never give up on love, notably when it’s filled with honest authenticity.